Project Description


NATURA infiltration boxes represent an effective solution for retention, accumulation and consecutive infiltration of rainwater into the ground. Due to a simple assembly of NATURA infiltration boxes, an efficient infiltration system will be created, thus enabling preservation of the natural water cycle. This ecological solution can save investment as well as operational costs for a sewerage system extension.


NATURA infiltration boxes are used to drain rainwater from roofs, streets and car parks.


NATURA infiltration boxes are to be installed into a prepared excavated place on gravel and wrapped into a geotextile. In front of the NATURA infiltration boxes, a filtration tank to retain solids and to prevent the infiltration system clogging is to be installed. NATURA infiltration boxes can be installed horizontally as well as vertically into various sizes and shapes. They are connected with plastic clips, wrapped into a geotextile and covered by soil. In this way, you can create an efficient infiltration system.


1. Inlet Pipe
2. Filtration Shaft
3. Infiltration Box
4. Geotextile

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