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Stormwater retention tanks are used to retain a higher volume of wastewater (rainwater) for a short period of time during torrential rain. The retained storm-water flows out of the retention tank into the sewerage system or into the low water recipient by means of a regulated water outflow.

For the regulation of the outflowing water volume, it is necessary to install a flow regulator or a pipeline of a smaller dimension than is the inflow pipeline dimension in the tank outflow point. In this way the rainwater retention tank prevents the sewerage system from overloading or from the creation of a torrential wave.


Rainwater retention tanks are used to retain torrential rainwater and to regulate its outflow from hard surfaces, street areas, car parks, residential areas, industrial and logistics areas into the sewerage system.


We offer our customers prefabricated concrete stormwater retention tanks made from C30/37 or C35/45 waterproof concrete of a circular or square tank bottom (according to STN EN 206). To achieve the desired water capacity of the reservoir, it is possible to combine various tank types. The entrance into the storm water retention tank is possible through an entrance shaft, composed of shaft rings and a cast-iron shaft cover of the A150-D400 load class.


1. Concrete Tank
2. Concrete Tank
3. Concrete Tank
4. Concrete Tank
5. Manhole in Cover Plate


The rainwater retention tank is to be installed by means of a truck crane into a prepared excavation on the horizontal ground concrete with the sand bottom. Thickness of the ground concrete is specified by a structural engineer for each building object individually. In case of high groundwater level, the rainwater retention tank needs to be anchored.


To assure long-life functionality of the stormwater retention tank, it is necessary to follow operating instructions, check the rainwater retention tank on a regular basis and clean it as needed.

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